SMC Recovery Harm Reduction Kit Event: Nov 2022

SMC Recovery Harm Reduction Kit Event: Nov 2022

SMC Recovery has been busy this holiday season with lots of events to support our clients and community! We recently participated in a harm reduction kit event, which was created to help keep our community safe, supported, and provide preventative measures to reduce the spread of disease and even overdoses!

The SMC Recovery team was in full throttle making multiple types of KITS for the community including safe use kits for helping protect those that are still in active substance use. These safe kits attempt to alleviate and reduce HEP C and HIV in our community! Hygiene kits were another form of kit produced to support those suffering from instability and homelessness. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recognized Naloxone as a lifesaving powerhouse when dealing with overdoses. Naloxone is a safe medication that can reverse overdose from opioids like heroin, fentanyl, and prescription opioid medications. Naloxone comes in nasal spray form and injectable form and if given in time can help reduce overdoses in our community. Our team was able to provide packaging of the actual Naloxone kits which all included a “how too” instruction pamphlet, 2 syringes of Naloxone, and an additional 2 vials of Naloxone!

The SMC Recovery Harm Reduction Kit Event was a major success in helping to support and provide resources to help those struggling with addiction. We provided some goodies as well, giving out free donuts and coffee to make this event even more inviting. We made upwards of 750 kits in less than an hour and a half! This focus on harm reduction can and does save lives. It also helps to lift the stigmas associated with drug and alcohol abuse, creating a safe space for those struggling. We are so grateful to continue to be able to support others and help keep our community safe!
Our hope is that events like these will bring those struggling with addiction one step closer to recovery … at least these events will potentially keep them safe. SMC Recovery has been serving our community, as well as those nationwide, as Arizona’s premier methadone treatment center for over a decade. By providing a vast array of services we recognize not two people are exactly the same and neither are their addictions. We want our clients, community, and those who are struggling to have access to support in all forms. We are a phone call away if you or a loved one are seeking support!

If you would like to participate in our future events, learn more by visiting https://smcrecovery.com, email Nicholas at [email protected] or call 480-998-HOPE (4673)

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