Methadone is a synthetic opiate substitute and is very effective in the following ways:

  • Methadone is taken orally, rather than by injection therefore Methadone frees you from the dangerous practice of “shooting up”.
  • Methadone is very long acting. You will only need to take Methadone once a day. Methadone lasts from 24-36 hours.
  • Methadone takes effect slowly. Because the drug has a slower and more gradual onset of effects, you will not get a “rush”. This helps break the cycle of the “rush-stoned-crash-withdrawal symptoms”.
  • Methadone side effects will lessen as your Methadone treatment progresses and you will then feel fewer of the drug’s initial effects.
  • Once you are stabilized at a therapeutic level, you will look, act, and feel drug-free.
  • Methadone prevents withdrawal symptoms, reduces hunger/craving, and blocks the effects of illicit opiates.

Remember, Methadone is a tool; it is not treatment by itself and must be combined with other clinical services in order to be effective.